EaselI began painting seriously in my ealy 40's following the traditional path of realism. A move back to the Main Line from Maryand brought me to the Main Line Art Center, where I chose the Seminar class taught by Francine Shore. Suddenly, I began taking baby steps away from my comfort zone and enterered the world of abstract art. Since 2016, I am also taking painting classes at the Wayne Art Center

Now 12 years later, I use acrylic paint instead of oils and feel that I have reached a new level of success. I begin with a limited palette and start applying paint to the canvas. It is at this point that the world around me disappears, and my brush takes on a life of its own. Letting one layer dry, I paint over that surface, add texture, and paint more layers. Though I never have a plan, it seems that my travel experiences, beauty in nature, or a particular emotion fire up my subconscious and lead me on this amazing journey. Each blank canvas provides my next painting adventure.


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